July Experiments Call


350.org did an Emergent Learning map asking: How might we influence youth planning and creation of work to center equity within it? Natalia and Patrick hypothesized: their youth programing could be more intersectional by centering people of color, and focusing on climate driven destruction and disaster capitalism impacts like Puerto Rico. Natalia and Patrick also practiced Walking the Talk to practice deep equity, see it here!

In efforts to create Spaciousness, every Monday, People’s Action had no standing calls scheduled. The space in people’s schedule allowed time for strategic thinking. After experimenting with a Slack channel to share ‘Big Picture Reflection,’ staff at People’s Action were happy with the model and like any new practice, will need to be rebooted and re-tuned. You can find out how to practice Spaciousness here.

In Courageous Practice, Kalpana and Eveline’s Grown Ass Wolves Experiment had so many learnings:

  • Non violent communication is a powerful tool.
  • Leaders need more time with one another. They adjusted time with directors – increasing our frequency of meeting to biweekly – so that we have more contact with one another. It’s hard to maintain.
  • Directors needed a reminder to include “internal work” as the real work. The idea to reserve 30% for internal work was an eye-opener for many of them.

Learn more about their experiment here.

Forward Together is talking about The A Word, leading an urgent campaign around abortion access in communities of color, and experimented with a few canvassing techniques with interactive ideas.

This month, Jobs with Justice examined how their membership relates to coalition work. Their experiment had some important findings: membership seems like an extra labor intensive burden, but the place that people get energy. Intentionally building a membership model has helped with campaigns for them, and they learned that coalitions don’t have appetite to hold membership base. See more on the Membership Lab experiment here.

Sarita, Judith and Jill are experimenting on the ways we do political education with the We Didn’t Start the Fire II Experiment. They are assessing political education models, and asking: How might we evolve the way we do political education to prepare for transitions?

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