September Design Call


We’ve changed our name to Northstar Network!  This name change focuses on us being a network and being focused on long term power building towards a shared vision, eg. our north star constellation.

Members of the Northstar Network will all have power building visualizations by December, thanks to all who participated with our data visualist, Catherine Madden, and storyteller, Pendarvis Harshaw.   

We are playing with the frame of Undercurrents and Structural Threats.

In one call, we tried to define structural threats.

  • Structural Threats are any sort of fundamental, structural and institutionalized shift.
    • The set of interlocking systems that are designed to be opaque and difficult to change, affect lives, relate to structure of economy, relationships (inequality and systems), planetary boundaries that are finite – weaving in. Need more clarity in my language about this.
    • There is a notion of power – structural forces (visible/not), where a select group has power and others don’t. Continuing status quo and growing this, keeping system in tact.
    • Intersectionality – structural forces have disproportionate impact on different communities. Solution has to be intersectional – can’t make changes that don’t consider plurality of communities.

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